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 Nightly DR meeting with my anchors after primetime

Nightly DR meeting with my anchors after primetime



Royce Jennings
Orlando, FL

From his childhood tinkerings with VHS and Hi-8 tapes to 35mm film adventures with the FSU Film School, Royce has always been creating awesome visual experiences.  Commercials, news directing, music videos, convention highlights, custom animations - it's all been tackled and he's yet to meet his match.

Royce's sojourns into the corporate landscape taught him the power of a tight-knit creative team, while his ventures in freelancing brought a breadth of creative needs to diversify his sense of vision. A wide breadth of experiences has resulted in a strong instinct for what works.  With an eye for painstaking detail, and a mind for troubleshooting, Royce has a unique fusion of skills that refuses to quit when working to create that special spark.

Royce also has a specific forte for finding the right musical moments to build a flowing edit.  With crisp cuts and meticulously timed animation, he always seeks to craft a story for every video.  Tie that together with a strong technical background for implementation in the digital age, and you've found a one-stop-shop for creating a story for any platform.

The only question that remains is, "what's next?"